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Works as expected

I converted to iPhone from Android and had years of book purchases locked in the play store. I would rank this eReader below Kindle but above Apple Books. I give it 3 stars due to the lack of portability of the books.

The app

I love it


Muito bom

Works pretty well

I dont understand the negative reviews. I use this reader on 3 iPads (2 regular and 1 mini) and my iPhone (6). The reader ALWAYS prompts me with page I left off on another device when I start. Used kindle and apple ereader, and I see no real difference. I prefer google play to amazon on iPad, though the kindle itself was nice. A book loads in seconds, and theres a really long sample section (like 3 chapters) I can read before I buy. This is essential for me, as I am never sure I havent read a book before unless I read a good bit again. Only downside, and this is why I would never use an ereader from apple, is that I have to go out of the app to order the book.

A great selection!

Lots of good historical texts and reference material.




Excellent book store !



Play books

I am completely happy with this application

Its okay.

I love the fact that I can take my books anywhere on the road, but theres a problem. I have books that I have that I use for classes, and I type and highlight text for annotations. At first this app was working just fine for the first 2 days, and then the next time I used it, all my annotations were gone. The annotations are still on the website, but not on the app. So if you want to highlight a text on Google Books I recommend the website than the app.

Einfach sehr gut...

Gutes Angebot, es werden alle Formate erkannt und es funktioniert plattformübergreifend!

Love it

Love that it synchs between devices.

Umm need help immediately

So Im please with the app.But I cant download any books because I need to download google play and I use a IPhone u see and I really need a fix for this. Is there a way??

Excelente aplicativo

Agora tá muito mais fluido no iPad e é muito mais agradável. Parabéns!

Easy to use, organize books, and read on the go

I am a on the go reader and this app allows me to get quick reading done without missing a beat.

Annoying recommendation

It keeps recommending old books Im not interested in a different language. I cant clean any kind of history in Google Play, neither through iOS nor web. I clicked "not interested" on some recommendations, those went away, but new ones popped up. The Google help doc doesnt show anything useful for this situation. So frustrated.

frustrating programme

playbook sorts books by the authors first name and does not permit grouping into categories of your choice.

Play is great! Only be patient!

Play is an improving way to access the millions of pages of Googles scanned library of public domain works. No matter the subject; and without late 20th C. early 21st C. bias. Especially important in philosophy, religion and sociology (to name a few topics partially contaminated by "modern sensibility".)

Hate the night mode color

Please do not force me to use night mode, just release the option to us.

Good start YET would have like to see...

Its a good standard reader, not sure what version Google has this under but Im sure they will consider the following moving forward. 1- zoom ability 2- highlighting of context and been able to sharing it, currently whats been offered as highlights its a bit unstable. Over all its a good basic start, remember your getting Book quality content for pennies on the dollar.

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