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Easy cross platform option

A must if you have Android and iOS devices.

Horrible reading app

After 30 minutes of going through samples I didnt want and attempting to buy yet only finding sample options even after clicking buy got tiring. At least with iBooks I can actually you know get a book and it saves my place without the hassle.


I enjoy it because I can get my rockstars biography

Muito bom

Aplicativo excelente.

Muito bom

Prático, rápido, fácil...leio em qualquer lugar do meu celular.


Facile à utilise sur plusieurs support

Buggy, poor formatting

Just bought my first book from the Google Play store. The app constantly moves my place in the book. I tried to increase the font size and line spacing and it basically broke the layout, leaving half the page empty. Really bad compared to iBooks, Kindle or Marvin.


Very good reader...

Bon ,peut tourner sur plusieurs appareils avec sune bonne synchronisation

Recherche des livres par genre un peut trop simple. Le reste parfait


It is very easy to sideload e-books from your computer and have them available on your devices. Some books allow you to change font sizes, others dont. Hopefully Google will correct his.

So Pleased

Ive used e-readers for years. This reading app is excellent - it follows me on whatever device Im using. Also pleased with the book choices. Not sure why the negative comments - guessing it might be the device rather than the app.


The only program where I can upload my ebooks and read from any device. Great

3 years of 1-star reviews. A terrible app.

4/26/17: Another year, another one star rating. Forced to get an ebook the other day through this dreadful app. The book STILL wont download to my ipad. 4/27/16: A year and a half later and this app is still terrible, possibly even worse than Overdrive, and thats bad. Cant download books easily, they keep disappearing, prices are high -- nothing good about this app. Only use it when the book I need isnt available otherwise. This is just venting since the app developers obviously cant be bothered to read the myriad of complaints. 12/14/14: still 1*, still buggy as all get out, STILL having to redownload my books. Google - wont be buying any more of your books till you fix this. Have had & tried to use this app for a couple of years and it still stinks. Biggest headache is the endless redownloading of purchased books. Too bad because Plays library is amazing. FYI many if not all Play books will work on Bluefire or a PDF reader like Goodreader.

Excellent app

An excellent app and nice to use!

Works perfect

Keeps place between my pc and phone without issues


I truly enjoy google play. It allows me to access my books no matter where Im at. Ive never had issues with this app on my iPhone 7 or even when I had the android note 4. Truly reliable app. ??

Love it

Grewt to be able to read your books from all your devices

Best App

Its a very simplified and easy app to use.

Ereader that does its job

I upload by PDFs, documents, books and read them on the go. Nothing to complain about.


Ótimo aplicativo , facilitou muito a minha leitura

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